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Documentary about the Swedish author Sara Stridsberg and her literature. Directed and scripted by Anna Hylander. Produced by Frid & Frid for SVT. Premier march 2019 at Tempo Documentary Festival and broadcasted in SVT.

DRACULA - back stage 


A documentary directed by Anna Hylander. The film follows the rehearsals of the opera Dracula who world premiered at Stockholm Royal Opera in 2017. Music written by Victoria Borisova-Ollas and stage directing by Linus Fellbom. Production company Anna & Paul. Broadcasted in SVT dec. 2017. (58 min) 


Feature length documentary produced by the production company Frid & Frid.  

”Ester Blenda”  (89 minutes) is the story of a trailblazing, adventurous and restless soul. Ester Blenda Nordström was the groundbreaking Swedish journalist and author that in 1914 did the first under-cover journalism in Sweden ever. She lived an unorthodox life in a very restrictive time for women and travelled the world, dispatching articles from South America, USA, Asia and the Russian Arctic, always returning to her secret love, Carin, in Stockholm.  Although intrepid and fearless, Ester Blenda was tormented by demons that ultimately
overwhelmed her.

Ester Blendas voice is performed by Swedish actress Rakel Wärmländer. Other voices are performed by Tova Magnusson, Sara Sommerfeld, Peter Viitanen and many more.

The movie was released in 2016. Screened in cinemas around Sweden and nominated for the national award Guldbaggen for BEST SOUND. 

The soundtrack is on Spotify. All music is written by Frid & Frid, featuring Sofia Karlsson.


A drama serie for Swedish National Television that in 2007 became a major success and is now considered a cult show that with warmth and humor pin pointed the Swedish Society and its "not so hidden" racism. Written by Anders Weidemann. Co-directed with Emiliano Goessens.

Starring Hollywood actors Fares Fares and Alexander Skarsgård among many others such as Yankho Kamwendo, Peter Viitanen, Birgitta Andersson, Reine Brynolfsson, Torkel Pettersson and Ison & Fille.


Anna Hylander has a long career and a profound experience in directing drama and documentary as well as producing television.

Before starting her own directing career in the mid 90´s, she worked as an assistant to several famous directors; Bo Widerberg, Tomas Alfredsson and Danish director Thomas Vinterberg.

Anna graduated from the Filmschool of Gothenburg University in 2001.

Anna lives in Stockholm, born in 1973.